Hello, my name is

Carmen Hui Hu


Registered Psychotherapist ( Qualifying )


About me

I am a registered psychotherapist ( Qualifying ) in Ontario. I am an empathetic and patient individual and currently a psychodynamic psychotherapist in Lingyu International Psychology Center, working under the supervising of Deborah Affleck and May Li

My Story

 Carmen Hu is a graduate student at Yorkville University and currently takes her practicum in Lingyu under the supervising of Deborah Affleck and May Li. She had a Bachelor of Business in China and over 20 years of financial & accounting experience before she decided to pursue a master degree in Counseling Psychology.

She is a strong and calm person who embraced life challenges in different careers within different countries. She is an empathetic, authentic therapist, and is fluent in a few languages (Mandarin, Cantonese, and English).

Carmen would like to help the clients with anxiety, depression, anger management by using individual therapy or group therapy.



Bachelor Degree of Economics

Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology


“Psychotherapy, when it gets well, it’s similar to a normal conversation with a good friend, in that therapist encourage you to speak openly, develop empathic understanding of how you feel and resonate emotionally with you when you are upset.” (Dr. Jerome Blackman, 2013)


Anxiety, Depression, Anger management

Marriage/Couple Therapy



School difficulty

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