LingYu International Psychology Centre was founded in Toronto, Canada, in 2009. It focuses on mental health both in China and abroad by providing North American standard psychological counselling (therapy) training, psychological counseling services, and public mental health education.

  • Member of Canadian Association for Psychodynamic Therapy

  • Member of Alliance of Psychotherapy Training Institutions

LingYu Established in Beijing, China, 2017. It is committed to combining the North American mental health clinical services with the local mental health services to help implement the practice of "Safe China, Healthy China" and to promote mental health development in China.

  • Membership in The Mental Health Committee, China Association of Social Workers

  • Membership in The Mental Health Association of Guangdong Province



Motor Vehicle Accidents

Our experienced psychologists and psychotherapists understand the challenges that the survivor would face after an accident. We assess the psychological impact of motor vehicle accidents (MVA) and ens