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LingYu Canada’s new headquarters is open

After two months of trial operation, LingYu Canada Headquarters which is located in the Yonge Street business district in Richmond Hill, GTA, officially opened on October 1. The new headquarters occupies a business area of 3,000 square feet and has different styled counselling rooms, group counselling rooms, a supervision room, and a sunroom, as well as lush outdoor garden space and a spacious parking lot. LingYu team are looking forward to continuing to provide you with psychological support and solutions in the new comfortable headquarters.

Our office is conveniently located on 20 May Ave., at the intersection of Yonge and May.  The office is easily accessed by public transit and is equipped with plenty of free parking.

Address: 20 May Ave, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 3S6, Canada

Phone:    1-647-728-2955

Email:     info@lingyupsyc.com

Website:  www.Lingyu.ca    

LingYu North York office’s last business day: Oct 24, 2020

Due to the owner’s architectural planning, LingYu North York office located in 145 Sheppard Ave East will officially end its in-office business by October 31, 2020, and move to the Richmond Hill headquarter as a whole. October 24 (Saturday) is the last in-office working day of LingYu (Canada) North York Office. After that, all appointments will be scheduled to our Richmond Hill headquarter.

Covid-19 Procedures for an in-person appointment  

LingYu cares about your health during this special pandemic. Under the requirements of the Ontario government, our psychological counselling services have been carried out in an orderly and compliant manner.

If you are attending an appointment in-person at our office, please come to the office at the exact time of your appointment. As part of our COVID-19 procedures, the waiting room area will be greatly restricted and we do not permit more than 2 people in the waiting room area at one time.  

It is mandatory to wear a mask or cloth face-covering upon entering the office. Please sanitize your hands immediately after entering the office and a temperature reading will be requested.

All of the offices have been configured for appropriate social distancing. Therapists will clean and sanitize the therapy room between each use. Each office is outfitted with an air purifier.

If you are exhibiting symptoms of a cold or flu at the time of your appointment, or have been in contact with someone with COVID-19, DO NOT COME TO YOUR APPOINTMENT.  Please alert your therapist and the appointment will be rescheduled.  

Online Therapy Option (phone or video)

LingYu International Psychology Centre now offers online therapy via video conferencing. Online therapy is a convenient option if you are unable to travel to our office.  It may also be combined with in-office sessions with your therapist. Call our intake team to learn more. 

Our services are covered under most insurance plans

Please check with your benefits provider regarding your personal coverage.  PLEASE NOTE: Many of our clinicians are supervised by other regulated mental health professionals under a “Supervised Practice Model.”  This means if you want to see a Psychotherapist but only have coverage for a Psychologist or Social Worker, you can still have the therapy covered with the Psychotherapist as long as they are supervised by the regulated professional. Please inquire with our intake team questions you may have regarding coverage. 

Group Counselling Program – A better way to heal during COVID-19

Physical isolation during covid-19 has caused a greater sense of psychological alienation. LingYu psychologists suggest that Group Counselling Program could be a better way to heal. It’s not a treatment, but an empowering and adapting experience with inner growth.

Psychologists Capuzzi and Corcy believe that group counselling has the following effects —-

Group Counselling Programs now available in LingYu:

Each group has a total of seven classes, with 90 minutes per class. Free trial of the first class is offered to our valued clients.

*The Group Counselling Program fee can be paid by commercial insurance. Please inquire with our intake team questions you may have regarding insurance coverage.

*Most of the Group Counselling Programs during covid-19 are offered online. In-office sessions will be carried out according to the government regulation of the pandemic.

LingYu International Psychology Centre (Canada)

Founded in Toronto, Canada in 2009, LingYu is the largest Chinese professional psychology centre in North America, and an institutional member of the Alliance of Psychotherapy Training Institutions (APTI). Its global team of senior psychologists enables LingYu to focus on the improvement of Chinese mental health and to provide North American standard psychological assessment/consultation/treatment, psychotherapist training and professional supervision, corporate psychological services, public mental health education and research through all means.

LingYu (Canada) provides: