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Faiz Lo


Registered Social Worker

About me

I’m a registered Social Worker.

My Story

Faiz LO is a registered social worker in Ontario. He graduated from the City University of Hong Kong with a Master of Social Work and the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a Master of Social Science in Global Political Economy. He worked as a Social Worker in Mother’s Choice in Hong Kong which is an innovative social welfare organization and was responsible for family services with counselling, case assessment and parent-child education. He also worked as a Childcare Worker in Po Leung Kuk, the oldest Children’s Home in Hong Kong, responsible for growth education, emotional support and psychological counseling for the children and youth with special needs and complex backgrounds


After graduating from an undergraduate degree, Faiz has traveled around the world in nearly 80 countries for more than two years. During the journey, he reflected the meaning of life and the importance of the relationship between people and society. These experiences inspired him to become a helpful and creative social worker.


Faiz has five years of clinical work experience in children, youth and family services, as well as internship experience in primary schools and kindergartens. He has received psychotherapy training such as Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Expressive Arts Therapy.



Depression, Anxiety, Personal Growth


Interpersonal relationship in workplace, Work stress issues, and Self-understanding


Parenting, Children with Special Education Needs, Emotional and behavioral issues in children and adolescents

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