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In my years of psychodynamic training and supervision, practice experience, spiritual growth is a life long journey. We experience anxiety, depression, fear… We suffer them, suppress and avoid them. However,we unconsciously used our instinct to stifle our Ego,the one that could drive us to happiness and well-being.
Our goal is rebuild, to move forward together, to go through griefs what’s not be able to go through, to see what’s not been seen.

As an international student who went abroad at a young age, my years of experience abroad and psychoanalytic studies have given me a deep understanding of the pain and hardship of youth development cross culture. I have also cultivated a strong spiritual core and sensitivity.

I know that the bridge between me and my client is love, non-judgmental heart with professional skills, a safe environment and patient listening.



Depression, Social Relationship, Anxiety, Stress Management

Marriage/Couple Therapy

Intimacy, Couple Relationship


Family Relationships, adolescents

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