Jesse Zhang

About Jesse Zhang:
Jesse Zhang’s goal is to rebuild, to move forward together through grief and fear. “I know the bridge between my clients and me is built on love, non-judgment, and professionalism”.

Individual, Couple, Family

English, Mandarin


Accepting New Patients:

In my years of psychodynamic training and supervision, and through my practice experience, I have come to understand that spiritual growth is a lifelong journey. We experience anxiety, depression, and fear, and we suffer from these emotions, often suppressing and avoiding them. However, we unconsciously use our instincts to stifle our Ego—the very part of us that could drive us toward happiness and well-being.

As an international student who went abroad at a young age, my years of experience living abroad and studying psychoanalysis have given me a deep understanding of the pain and hardship involved in cross-cultural youth development. Through these experiences, I have also cultivated a strong spiritual core and heightened sensitivity.