Li Tang

About Li Tang:
Li Tang is a registered psychotherapist in Ontario and a certified hypnotist in the United States. She entered the field of psychology in 1987 and has been 30 years since then.

Individual, Marriage, Trauma

English, Mandarin, Cantonese

Registered Psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario

Accepting New Patients:

Li Tang pursues a psychotherapy-practising profession who meets CRPO’s clinical supervisor definition She served as the president of the Canadian branch of the Life Adjustment and Love Society of the Republic of China, Toronto’s project supervisor “6180 is happy to help you”. Li Tang is also the supervisor of Ambassador of Toronto Chinese Health Education Committee Mandarin Education, the General- Director of the Taiwanese Manchu Family Service Center, the volunteer teacher for  Salvation Corps and the Taiwan Keelung prison counselling division. Tang Li’s expertise includes personal development, intimacy, sexual problems, parenting, depression, anxiety, trauma, inner child healing, mindfulness healing, and hospice care. In addition, Li Tang focuses on sex education, gestalt therapy, personal center therapy, gender equality counselling, hypnotherapy, and family system arrangement.

Li Tang’s working experience consists of:

  • Psychologist, hypnotist
  • Clinical Member of Ontario Association of Registered Psychotherapists
  • Member of American NGH Hypnotist Association and ABH Hypnotherapy Council
  • Supervised by the Mandarin Education Ambassador of Toronto Chinese Health Education Committee
  • The former Toronto “6180 is happy to help you with” project supervision
  • Former President of the Canadian Branch of the Life Adjustment Love Society of the Republic of China
  • Former General-Director of Catholic Taipei Happy Family Service Center, Taiwan
  • Former Taiwan Keelung Prison Drug Rehabilitation Project Supervisor