Chris Hao

Chris's Schedule:

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (in-person, phone or video)


MA – McMaster University

MACP (in progress) – Yorkville University

About Chris:

Chris is currently a graduate student in the program of counselling psychology at Yorkville University. He is taking practicum under the supervision of Ms. Li Tang and Ms. Siyi Zhang at LingYu International Psychology Centre. Chris received his BA degree from the University of Toronto and an MA degree from McMaster University.

Chris is kind, positive, caring, and patient. He is also an empathetic listener. Chris is passionate about helping people who strive for a healthy lifestyle, as well as happy and safe relationships in family and community. He is enthusiastic to provide support to men and women, youth and seniors.

Having worked in a high school setting for many years, Chris has extensive experience in providing individual therapeutic counselling to hundreds of youth and young adults whose ages are between 14 and 20. Chris’s counselling strategies are usually strength-based and solution-focused, combined with techniques from CBT, REBT, RT, and Gestalt, which are tailored for each individual client.

Chris also provides family therapy and suggests parenting skills. He trusts the role of the family played in nurturing children, improving the health of parents, and providing care and love to seniors. Chris has successfully resolved many cross-generational conflicts.

Chris has helped people with anxiety, depression, anger, eating disorders, substance abuse, and domestic violence. He is passionate about anti-oppression movements and social justice. He is welcome to people with diverse backgrounds in terms of race, ethnicity, culture, and sexual orientation.

Chris is able to offer services both in English and Mandarin. He offers in-person counselling and online counselling (Skype or Zoom).

The initial consultation will be free, and thereafter each session will be a flat rate of $50.



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