Group Therapy

Group therapy involves individuals who are having difficulties that are of personal, educational, or social nature. It is an efficient way to support and help people to deal with psychological issues through interactions with other participants.

Thematic topics include:

· Chronic pain

· Couple & Family

· Parenting

· Stress management

· Survivor of domestic violence

· Survivor of sexual abuse



Motor Vehicle Accidents

Our experienced psychologists and psychotherapists understand the challenges that the survivor would face after an accident. We assess the psychological impact of motor vehicle accidents (MVA) and ens

Employee Assistance Program

Employee Assistance Program Thinking from the perspectives of organizational psychology and cultural psychology, LingYu offers high-quality consulting services for various types of organizations to en

Student, Parent and School

Student, Parent and School Our centre is committed to promoting the mental health of youth. We support parents in facilitating their children’s psychological development and to assist the school in ma