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Siyi Zhang


Registered Psychotherapist

About me

Siyi is the founder and chairman of Lingyu International Psychology Center, a registered psychotherapist in Ontario, Canada. She is the vice-chairman of the Canadian International Psychological Association. She holds the membership of the psychodynamic orientation psychotherapy association of Canada, also a member of the Sino-American Psychoanalysis Alliance.

My Story

With fifteen years of therapist background, she is experienced, passionate and knowledgeable in various fields such as MVA, WSIB, personal, marriage, family, group, and community. Siyi’s emphasis that the field of psychology is reflected in the respect for each individual’s inner and potential. Her areas of expertise include depression, anxiety, stress management, marital problems. Not only that, but she is also more focused on psychodynamic therapy, spouse and family therapy, and group therapy.

Clinical medical education and training background

Graduated from the Department of Clinical Medicine, worked as a military clinician in the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of the hospital for 4 years.

Psychological counselling education and training background:

Siyi graduated from the Department of Psychology, Beijing Normal University, majoring in psychological counselling. The psychological counselling approach she studied is client-centred therapy, a psychological counselling genre founded by Carl Rogers, a well-known American psychologist and founder of the humanistic psychologist. The “client-centred therapy”  advocates that psychologists and psychotherapists should sincerely care for the client’s feelings, and use their self-development potential in a sincere and harmonious counselling relationship to promote their healthy growth and personal development.

Psychoanalysis training background

Since 2001, she has received personal psychoanalysis and supervision training, 600 hours of personal psychoanalysis and 250 hours of professional supervision. She practiced psychoanalysis in her psychological consultation and psychotherapy work, accumulated rich experience in psychoanalysis, participated in more than 20 psychoanalysis training projects in Chengdu and Beijing, and participated in many international psychoanalysis conferences held in Beijing and Chengdu. In September 2007, she Participated in the Toronto Institute of Psychoanalysis (a branch training organization of the International Psychoanalysis Association) for 4-6 years of Psychoanalyst professional certification training learning, consisting of three parts: 1) psychoanalysis theory and technology equivalent to a doctoral course. 2) 4-6 years of personal psychoanalysis supervision by training psychoanalysts.  3) a total of 160 hours of psychoanalytic practice under the guidance of three different supervisors. After graduation, she obtained membership in the Canadian psychoanalyst and international psychoanalyst.

Work background and professional expertise

  • Worked as a clinician in the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of the hospital for four years. During this period, she worked part-time for a radio program, “Experts Talking About Sex.”
  • Conducted psychological counselling in Beijing Tsinghua University, Beijing Normal University Student Psychological Counseling Center.
  • Siyi was engaged in psychological counselling and psychotherapy for some psychological hotlines and psychological consulting companies. She has accumulated rich experience in psychological counselling on interpersonal relationship debugging and development, marriage and love, career planning and personal development.
  • Siyi was invited to participate in the production of mental health programs for Hunan Satellite TV host guests.
  • Engaged in psychological counselling, psychotherapy, and psychoanalysis in Toronto, Canada. Help immigrants face their lives, marriage and family, work, children’s education, psychological conflicts under multiculturalism, and conduct psychotherapy for various neuroses such as depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive, sleep disorders, etc.

Have a wealth of medical, psychology, psychological consultation, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis education and training background and work background; participate in the production of television and radio mental health programs, work as psychological assistance in earthquake-stricken areas; co-founded psychological associations and professional learning supervision teams; Engaged in poetry creation and so on.


“All these have allowed me to have a colourful life. And the psychological work I have engaged in will enable me to see each life’s unique and beautiful, the enormous potential hidden in each person. I will listen and understand each of these lives, and help them to listen and understand themselves.”


Depression, Social Relationship, Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Insomnia, Stress Management, Career Planning, Obsessive-compulsive, Hysteria Phobia, Sleep Disorders


Intimacy, Couple Relationship, Affairs, Partner Violence, Sex therapy, Separation/Divorce


Parenting, Family Relationships, Divorce/Blended Family, Hospice Care, Generation Conflicts, Baby Blues

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