Therapy Retreat

LingYu invites you to take a break for your body and mind, enjoy the beautiful scenery, and find peace for your soul.

LingYu provides an authentic cottage experience with private vacation cabins and a serene setting. Our offerings include tent camping, a diving platform, watercraft like canoes, kayaks, and SUP boards, as well as activities such as bass fishing, trout fishing, and shellfish harvesting. Guests can explore beautiful rocky islands by rowboat, engage in ATV riding, ice fishing, snowmobiling, and more. Past retreats have been held in Newcastle, Niagara Falls, Meaford, and now Innisfil. For details on our current retreat, please contact us directly.

What to Expect

Mental Well-Being

We offer professional meditation, yoga, parent-child education, and individual psychological counseling services, along with expert personal care and massage.

Cottage Life

Featuring authentic cabins and RVs, we offer a complete Canadian cottage experience. This includes a fully equipped kitchen, indoor karaoke, and outdoor entertainment like kayaks, paddle boats, SUP boards, and canoes.


We will connect you with the best local travel services, allowing you to enjoy a worry-free rendezvous with Canada’s mountains, lakes, and seas.

Private Location

Set in a private location with its natural sceneries, our vacation home provides a spacious and comfortable retreat ideal for unwinding and enjoying outdoor activities.


Explore the captivating moments at LingYu’s therapy retreat.

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Our team of 15 dedicated therapists are here to help you, providing expertise and compassionate care.

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