Hello, my name is

Wenkun Wu


MSW (Master of Social Work)

Student Counsellor


About me

I am an MSW student counsellor with a 3-year-old cat

My Story

Wenkun is in the second year of her Master of Social Work study at the University of Toronto, specializing in mental health and health stream. Wenkun double majored in Psychology and Statistics during her undergraduate study at U of T and received her Bachelor of Science degree with high distinction.

Since the third year of her undergraduate study, Wenkun has found her passion in the mental health field. Wenkun started providing mental health services in different roles, including working as a peer supporter at Listener, intake volunteer at LingYu International Psychology Centre, cyber counsellor at Linzi counselling, mental health consultant at For A Safer Space, and psychoeducational writer disseminating mental health-related information to the public at PsyKick.

After completing her undergraduate study, Wenkun decided to continue the journey of counselling and psychotherapy by studying social work at the Faculty of Social Work at the University of Toronto. Wenkun has completed courses in cognitive behavioural theories, social work practice with individuals and families, and social work practice in mental health. Wenkun is currently receiving training in a three-year psychodynamics program.

Wenkun cherished her experience of growing up and studying in multiple cultural settings, which thickened her life. Wenkun believes everyone can explore their full potential and find the authentic self. When you feel ready, Wenkun is more than happy to accompany your journey in understanding the self, the world, and the future.

“I am always impressed when I hear about people’s life experiences. I am always impressed by these stories’ richness, endurance, and courage. I am always impressed by how people started their journey, travelled it, and never ended it.”

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