Group Counselling

Group Counselling Program – A better way to heal during COVID-19 (Only available in Mandarin)

Physical isolation during covid-19 has caused a greater sense of psychological alienation. LingYu psychologists suggest that Group Counselling Program could be a better way to heal. It’s not a treatment, but an empowering and adapting experience with inner growth.

Psychologists Capuzzi and Corcy believe that group counselling has the following effects —-

  • Develop an atmosphere of trust in the group to promote the sharing of attitudes and emotions, and apply this trust to daily life, enhance self-acceptance and self-respect, clarify the value of life, and explore the philosophy of life.
  • Be tolerant of others and respect individuals.
  • Be capable of solving problems and making decisions, and be able to accept the consequences of these decisions calmly.
  • Keenly perceive the needs of others and profoundly care for them.
  • To apply the above knowledge to daily life.

Group Counselling Programs now available in LingYu —-

  • Reading therapy- “The Power of Self-Caring”, “Non-violent Communication” (the list of books continues to be updated)
  • Partner/family/parent-child relationship group
  • Emotion management group
  • Empathy group
  • Trauma Healing Group
  • Addiction group, etc.

Each group has a total of seven classes, with 90 minutes per class. Free trial of the first class is offered to our valued clients.

*The Group Counselling Program fee can be paid by commercial insurance. Please inquire with our intake team questions you may have regarding insurance coverage.

*Most of the Group Counselling Programs during covid-19 are offered online. In-office sessions will be carried out according to the government regulation of the pandemic.